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Live-in Carers can help you look after your loved ones

Providing elderly parents with the best possible care in their later years is the perfect way to repay them for all the love, care and support they have given to you.

‘Live-in Care’ involves a qualified Carer living in your parents’ home providing as much care and support that is required and desired. Your parents’ home holds so many memories for both you and them, so it’s no surprise many families are now choosing ‘Live-in Care’.

Access Care is a private, family-run company that provides peace of mind for families across the UK by arranging the finest carers to live with elderly parents in their own home. The company takes pride in offering their clients a hand-picked selection of professional, qualified and expertly vetted Carers to choose from.

One of those Carers is Austeja (pictured left), who works as a Live-in Carer. Reminiscing of her time with Mr Fisher (main photo), Austeja recalls how she had “been with him for over four years” and he “became very much a part of my life. I was always on hand. He enjoyed the independence Live-in Care gave him. We often had lunch with his family and friends. He enjoyed the independence Live-in Care gave him. We often had lunch with his family and friends.”

Live-in Care can be arranged on a short or long-term basis and with a minimum booking of just a week. The option can work on a trial basis too, so your parents will feel in control of the decision to arrange care for them in the comfort of their own home.

For more information please visit:- www.access-care.co.uk • 01264 319 399

This article features in the Summer issue of ‘Noticed’ magazine

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