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Lighting the way by Bee Osborn

It’s very easy to overlook the importance of lighting when decorating a room. Hours are spent agonising over wall paper and paint colours but it’s the lighting that plays the leading role in creating atmosphere.

Here Bee Osborn explains how to make the most of your lighting…


For us, the purpose of lighting is to create a soft, relaxing atmosphere, in which to live, which is also functional and practical.


There are three different types of lighting to keep in mind:

  • Ambient
  • Accent
  • Task


Ambient lighting provides overall lighting in a space (general)

Accent lighting creates the atmosphere in a room (i.e. lamps etc)

Task lighting enables you to achieve specific tasks (spotlights over a work surface, reading light behind a bed etc)


  • Lighting should be layered, for example; floor lights for an upward glow, lamps & wall lights for mid level accent lighting, & ceiling lights for ambient lighting. Task lights can be added where needed.
  • You should never place ambient ceiling lights on a grid, they should be placed specifically to pinpoint what you would like to accentuate.
  • Try and choose lighting that is 3000k or above for a soft attractive light, and preferably in warm white.
  • Uplighter’s in the corner of the space draws your eye out and make the space feels larger – we tend to build boxes 10cm square to put our free standing up-lights in, to hide the actual light source.
  • 5amp circuits are immensely beneficial to be able to turn on accent lighting at the door. However if you haven’t wired for this, you can buy an ETEKCITY Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch that can control lamps with a remote control on off switch.



Bee brings a personal approach to each client and over the past two decades has designed a vast array of residential and commercial properties, both in the UK and overseas.
Inchbald trained, Bee and her professional team provide expertise, attention to detail and exceptional creativity to every project they undertake, whether it is a home or a boutique hotel.

Bee draws inspiration from classical design and proportion, but always likes to infuse her work with a modern, up-to-date energy. Together, with her talented team, they produce balanced harmonious interiors that are both practical and visionary.

Studio Osborn 10 Middle Row, Chipping Norton, OX7 5NH.  www.studio-osborn.com




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