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Leiths Guide to ‘The Ultimate Gap Gear Opportunity’

Thinking about what to do on your gap year? If you have a passion for cooking why not enroll on Leiths’ 11 week full-time Foundation course starting this September, where amateur cooks are transformed into job ready professionals.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn fundamental cooking techniques and build a solid repertoire whilst gaining a recognised professional qualification. Once the course is over, the skills can be used to earn money during your gap year or as a route into the food industry.

Graduates go on to cook for ski season’s, onboard super-yachts and cater for private dinner parties.  The course also gives a solid foundation should you wish to explore media roles in food writing and styling for magazines and television.

Camilla Schneideman, Leiths Managing Director, says: “There are an abundance of fulfilling, creative roles to be found in food, and a respected

qualification from Leiths will set your CV apart.”

Following the Foundation Term, students can apply to go on and do the Intermediate and Advanced Terms gaining a full, professional qualification. This can be completed straight after or taken post gap year, earning a coveted diploma from a renowned full time cookery school.

Jodie Cox enrolled at Leiths after A-Levels in the diploma course. “I knew that I wanted to be a chef, so I wanted to study on a short and intense course,” she says. “The Leiths Diploma enabled me to get started on my chosen career quickly and the Leiths name opened doors to top restaurants where I had work experience with some of the leading chefs in the London.”

Jodie has already had a few private chef gigs for well-known personalities and is undertaking culinary projects in the South of France and Australia.


“If ever anybody comes to me for a job and I hear they’ve trained at Leiths, I want them.” Rick Stein

ENROL NOW: The Foundation Certificate in Food and Wine 11 week course starts on 23 September 2019. Call 0208 749 6400 or visit leiths.com for details and to browse our range of professional courses and enthusiast classes.


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