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Learning the lingo – a parent’s guide to teenage slang!

Don’t let your kids make you feel old this summer – here’s our handy guide to understanding the latest teenage slang that will have you lol’ing!

WARNING: This will almost undoubtedly not make you ‘cool’, but at least you’ll know what on earth they’re talking about!

Commonly used words and phrases:

  • Awks – awkward
  • Bae – before anyone else – usually describing a boyfriend or girlfriend, also short for baby
  • Bruh – short for bro or brother, can refer to a friend
  • Cheddar – money
  • Curve – to reject someone romantically
  • Gucci – good/fine/okay
  • Hench – strong and muscular
  • High key – as in this is major and they’re happy for everyone to know “I high key love School Notices!”
  • Hundo p – as in 100% positive confirmation
  • Lit – amazing
  • Low key – as in they don’t want everyone to know, i.e. “I’m low key stressing”
  • Netflix and chill – beware – this is usually a front for inviting someone over to make out!
  • Peak – bad/gutting/humiliating
  • Peng – cool/good, can also refer to someone good looking
  • Salty – bitter, as in “I’m totally salty that I didn’t get invited to the party”
  • Sic – something that’s cool
  • Squad– group of girl friends
  • Thirsty – someone that’s attention seeking
  • Throw shade – giving a dirty look
  • Ting – thing

Text abbreviations:

  • BFF – best friends forever
  • CTN – can’t talk now – see POS!
  • GOAT – greatest of all time
  • LOL – laugh out loud (although the more mature amongst us might still view this as lots of love – awks!)
  • OMG – oh my god!
  • POS – parent over shoulder (used to warn friends when a parent can see their phone)
  • TFW – that feeling when – as in “TFW you realise you poured orange juice over your cereal instead of milk”
  • YOLO – you only live once

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