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Keeping your garden safe from thieves

Nearly one in 10 homeowners reported they had fallen victim to a theft from their garden, with the average value of the items stolen hitting £176, according to a recent Allianz research initiative.

From expensive bicycles to the clothes hanging on our washing lines, opportunistic garden theft is an increasingly common problem.

The research initiative also found that 32% of thefts from gardens involve something being stolen from the shed, with lawnmowers, garden equipment and general household tools being some of the most commonly stolen items. The most frequently stolen item is the bicycle, with a staggering one in five people who have experienced garden theft reporting a missing bicycle.

 Why are gardens so attractive to thieves?

A combination of lucrative items and poor security measures contribute to why gardens are such a target for thieves.

The reported average value of garden furniture is £217 with around one in four people reporting theirs to be worth between £250 and £3000. Barbeques are another high-value item that thieves target, coming in at an average of £167, with nearly one in 10 reporting theirs would cost between £200 and £4000 to replace.

However, despite having such high-value belongings in their garden, people’s security measures are often poor. In fact, 30% of people admitted that they don’t always lock their sheds.

It’s not only expensive belongings that get stolen

Although owning expensive barbeques and bicycles can make customers a target for garden theft, opportunistic burglars often seem to just take whatever they can get their hands on.

According to our research, items such as children’s toys, alcohol and even washing hanging on the line are taken too.

Simple measures can improve the security of your customers’ gardens

Basic security measures such as locking gates and sheds can effectively put off thieves.

Alan Gairns, product manager at Allianz said:

“Many people spend a lot of time and money on their garden so it’s important to remember that even simple measures such as locking garden gates and installing security lights can deter thieves. While gardens are covered by insurance, nothing can replace the time wasted replacing things that have been stolen and if it’s a bicycle there might be the added expense of using public transport while the item is replaced.

Our research shows that May is one of the worst months for this type of theft which is exactly when people want to be out enjoying their gardens in the sunshine.”

What to do next

Want to know more about how you can look after your garden from an insurance point of view? Give us a call now to talk through a bespoke policy tailored just for your needs on 01285 885 885 or simply fill in our online formHERE

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