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It’s time for tennis – Aegon is here and Wimbledon is around the corner!

Why not get your brood tennis-ready with our pick of the best tennis camps this summer.

  • Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, National Tennis Centre, Roehampton, Surrey. Weekly tennis programmes, plus holiday camps and overseas holiday courses
  • Jonathan Markson Tennis, Oxford, Brighton and Cambridge. Intensive training weeks for age 8 upwards, plus technical clinics and weekend skill sessions
  • Lifetime Tennis Academy, venues across South London. Fun junior holiday camps for all levels
  • Nike Tennis Camps UK, National Tennis Centre, Roehampton. Day and residential summer camps for children 10-17 with intermediate to advanced tennis skills
  • Ace Tennis camps, venues around SE England. Tennis camps for players aged 8-17
  • Sutton Tennis Academy, Surrey. Tennis camps with strength and conditioning gyms and physiotherapy clinics
  • North Oxford Lawn Tennis Club, Oxford. With 17 different teams ranging from virtual beginners to county-level players

Did you know?

  • Tennis balls weren’t always yellow. White balls were replaced in 1986 because they are more visible to television cameras
  • Over 23 tonnes of strawberries are eaten at Wimbledon every year. When laid end to end, the berries would stretch all the way to Reading
  • Rufus the hawk flies for one hour every morning of the Wimbledon Championships before the gates open to ward off the local pigeons

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