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It’s results day – Good luck A Level students…

Today there will be both tears of joy and tears of woe…

As A level results land, Natasha Dangerfield, Headmistress of Westonbirt School explains why A level results should not define who we are instead it’s our character in how we react to those results that matters more in the long term.

Today English schools will be able to see the final results unveiled for A levels not taken this year. Disappointingly, many students will have only fulfilled 5 terms of preparation for this point, losing out on revision, consolidation and re learning which normally takes place through a last holiday break and at least half a summer term. Thursday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but as we round off another year, we continue to ask the question – do our results define us?

I would suggest that the definition is not necessarily in the success, nor sometimes failure behind results, but it should be considered as the response to them. The country’s schools will see elation right through to despondency as results are collected and responses vary according to individual next steps, however, what will define these students, is how they take those results. Whatever it is, acceptance of their situation and the aspiration to continue, or the seeking of much needed motivation to improve, will be key.

“Eventually, what will define them will not be those results; it will be the character that stands before them.”
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