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Is your household a HACKER’S DREAM?

From smart home tech to sensitive data, protect your home and family with dedicated Cyber Insurance from our experienced advisers Lumley Insurance.

It’s only natural to prioritise your home’s physical security but digital crime now poses one of the most significant threats to high net worth families. Advanced home and communications technology and ever-more sophisticated hackers can all spell trouble for your safety and security… 

Communication tech

PCs, laptops, tablets and phones are not the only targets of malware and phishing attacks. How many gadgets in your house are connected to your phone or to your bank account? Smart home tech may have more access than you realise, so check allowance settings and change passwords regularly.

Physical safety threats

Criminals may target a wealthy individual through their family or other third parties, including their personal assistants and domestic employees. Dangers can include extortion, online harassment and even stalking. Remind loved ones to review social media privacy settings and contact police if worried.

Digital assets

Wealthy or high profile individuals with access to sensitive and valuable commercial and personal data can be attractive targets to cybercriminals.

Bank account hacks, ID theft or leaked financial information can cause both private and business losses, so consider your email accounts and cloud storage.

Security breaches

Aside from hackers, personal data can also be compromised by financial advisers, household employees and trusted confidants, often unintentionally; consider a phone accidentally left on a train or confidential data sent to a mistyped email address. Security breaches can devastate your reputation, finances, IT networks and physical safety, as well as leaving you feeling vulnerable. Dedicated Cyber Insurance for households can help recover lost assets and reimburse incurred costs in the event of a problem.

For complete peace of mind on your cyber security, speak to the experts at Lumley Insurance.

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Make an enquiry about Cyber, Household or Commercial Insurance with Lumley Insurance Limited today and receive a FREE Webcam cover.

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Lumley Insurance calls on four generations of High Net Worth Home Insurance experience to find the right cover for your lifestyle. Discover our bespoke service on 01285 885 885, or visit www.lumleyinsurance.co.uk




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