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Is your child university ready?

Whether your child is starting to think about choosing their A-Levels, has just started sixth form, or is midway through the application process, getting into university is on everyone’s mind at this time of year.

Whilst many thought that COVID may deter some students from applying this year, recent data from UCAS shows that applications are holding strong and competition is as tough as ever.

So what can you do leading up to and during the application process to help your child succeed?

Choosing A-Levels and Starting Sixth Form

If your child is just starting to think about what they might need to do to get into the university of their choice, a great place to start is finding ways that will help them stand out from the crowd when the time comes.

Working on developing a broader skillset alongside strong academic results makes sure your child is well-rounded, but it also makes the transition between school and university easier.

EtonX offers a number of courses to help students develop the skills they need to thrive as they start university, and it’s never too early to get ready. Some courses to consider include:

  • Public Speaking: Learning how to engage an audience and deal with difficult questions is a skill that many adults still struggle with – getting your child started early can build their confidence and help develop a skill that will help them throughout academia and beyond.
  • Research Skills: Many students can find the prospect of essay writing intimidating – not knowing where to start with research, citations and evaluating information. This essential skill will ensure they can hit the ground running with their first big assignment.
  • Writing Skills: Essay writing will play a big part in your child’s schooling over the coming years no matter the subject, so helping them develop the skills to write a strong and convincing essay will set them up for success.

Applying Now

If your child is looking to attend a top university such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL or Imperial, the interview is a key part of the process. This may be the first time they find themselves in a formal interview situation, which can be daunting.

With interviews starting from December, now is the perfect time to help them get prepared. EtonX has a number of courses which can help including:

  • University Interview Skills: This new course will help your child understand what to expect, learn how to deal with nerves, think on their feet and cope with difficult or unexpected questions.
  • Critical Thinking: Many interviewers will be looking for evidence of critical thinking and the ability to challenge arguments constructively – this course can help students learn how to approach a critical analysis of an argument.

Take a look at the full range of courses and sign up here: https://etonx.com/courses

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