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Is your child able to make the most of their schooling?

Asks Sarah Warley, child psychologist and founder of The Key Clinic.

You read the brochures, visited the schools, spoke to other parents, then chose the best school for your child. The fees are steep, but you work hard to ensure that your child will get the best possible start to life.  But have you ever stopped to think whether or not your child is able to make the most of this wonderful schooling?

We pack our children off to school when they reach a certain age, assuming that they are developmentally ready to begin learning. This is not, however, always the case.

Sarah Warley says, “Many children have immaturities in their nervous systems which can make basic things – like following instructions, reading, writing, sitting still and concentrating – extremely hard work. They redouble their efforts, wanting so badly to do well, but their results never track with their potential. Left unchecked, their confidence evaporates and they may switch off school completely.”

Such immaturities in the system occur for a myriad of reasons. A difficult pregnancy, a complicated birth, delays in crawling or walking, speech delay, a history of ear infections, genetics.

Sarah continues, “The good news is that it is possible to re-stimulate the system and give these children a second chance to develop, freed from the blockages against which they are currently struggling. The natural therapies we employ at The Key Clinic are cutting-edge and drug-free – and the results last.”

“It is so inspiring to see children able to read and write easily or to be able to sit still and concentrate to what the teacher is saying for the first time in their lives. Their entire trajectory becomes changed for good.” 

Have your child assessed by the team at The Key Clinic and unlock their potential.

For an assessment, call 01635 761565, email admin@thekeyclinic.co.uk
or visit www.thekeyclinic.co.uk and fill in the screening questionnaire

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