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Is it time to take up Bridge?

Andrew Robson has revolutionised the teaching of Bridge in the UK and around the world, making it accessible to everyone in a way not seen before. There will never be a better time to learn Bridge than in these dark winter days of lockdown. More than 500 people joined the Andrew Robson Bridgecast in the first lockdown.


This week they relaunched Andrew’s complete beginners BridgeCast series which assumes no prior knowledge of the game.  Imagine emerging from lockdown with this great new skill, feeling confident and ready to play face to face Bridge with like-minded people.

Bridgecast is a monthly subscription, the videos (on average 5 & 8 minutes long) will be available for you to watch in your own time and at your own pace.

You will receive, each morning (or three times a week if you would like to go at a slower pace), a link to a new video posted by Andrew.

Andrew will guide you through the game from the very beginning, teaching you how to play Bridge.  You can ask Andrew a question in the comments box by each video or you can email him.

Every weekday there is a chance to play on Andrew Robson Bridge online with supervision from their specially trained teachers. You can use this time to become an accomplished player, as well as having great fun and making new friends.

Here’s Andrew in his own words to explain a little more about it:

For further free videos and samples CLICK HERE  It is easy to sign up and costs £9.59 a month for daily videos, or £5.99 a month for three videos a week.

Please take a look at our website and email us at andrewrobsonbridgecast@gmail.com to find out more. We hope to welcome you soon.


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