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Interview: What a LOTT to shout about!

Singer, songwriter and actress, Pixie Lott has done it all. We ask the talented Pixie, alumni from Italia Conti, how she’s achieved so much

At only 27, Pixie is already a household name with a plethora of awards and achievements. Three UK number-ones, over four million tracks sold, numerous worldwide tours, 1.6 million albums sold and she’s written songs for some of today’s biggest stars including Selena Gomez. She’s collaborated with acclaimed artists including Stevie Wonder and John Legend, her songs have been used within soundtracks to countless films and she has in excess of 210 million YouTube views. A four-time BRIT Award nominee and winner of two MTV European Music Awards; is there nothing she can’t do?

How did you get your nickname Pixie?

When I was born I was premature – my mum said that I looked like a little Pixie!

At what age did you realise music was for you?

Probably around the age of two when I wanted to sing at a family party “Don’t Be A Stranger”by Dina Carroll.  My parents also had music playing around the house which I’m sure was a big influence in why I loved music so young.

Tell us about your time at Italia Conti Academy and the influence it had on your career?

I started at an Associate School of Italia Conti in Chislehurst, Kent at five and loved it so much that my parents applied for me to go for a scholarship audition at the main Academy, London. I was delighted that I got it as that enabled me to go! Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts was where it all began for me and gave me an amazing foundation for the entertainment industry. I’ve since set up my own Italia Conti Associate school with my sister and mum; Pixie Lott’s Italia Conti Associate School Chelmsford.

I’ll be running a Summer School this year working towards a show from 28th Aug – 1st Sept. I would love to see you all and watch you perform. Email admin@pixielottitaliaconti.co.uk  and ask for an application form.

Did anyone inspire you above all others?

My mum! She is amazing and brings happiness to so many people.

At what age did you start writing songs?

I started on the piano writing songs at age eight.

“Go for every opportunity possible…even the small ones because you never know what it could lead to!”

Who were your musical influences?

Stevie Wonder, Otis Reading, Donny Hathaway, Quincy Jones, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Despite being on tour and in concerts, you still achieved straight A’s – manage this?

Working hard in all areas – something my dad always said to me! I still go by his motto… “Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”!

Did you have one momentous career break? When my first single ‘Mama Do’ went to number one when I was 18.

Of the many songs you have written, which are you most proud of?

I do love them all but probably my co-writes ‘Cry Me Out’ written with Phil Thornalley, Mads Hauge and Colin Campsie and ‘Broken Arrow’ written with Toby Gad and Ruth-Anne Cunningham.

Which acting role did you enjoy the most and why?

Holly Golightly from ‘Breakfast At Tiffanys’; the book version written by Truman Capote, which is much darker than the movie with Audrey Hepburn.

What advice would you give to all aspiring singers, songwriters and actresses?

To go for every opportunity possible. Auditions, meetings, open mic nights etc – even the small ones because you never know what it could lead to! Every little stepping stone helps. Also to never give up on your dreams and to just keep showing up. If you make sure you are ticking every box then you give yourself the best opportunity.

You can dance as well! How much fun was Strictly?

I enjoyed learning completely new styles of dance. Latin and Ballroom are so different to what I have learnt in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. Trent Whiddon, my professional partner is an amazing choreographer and teacher – we had so much fun and will be friends for life.

What did you enjoy most about being a judge on The Voice Kids 2017?

Working with the kids! They were so inspiring and it was beautiful to see them doing what they love. It reminded me of performing as a kid and to never lose that joy and why I did music in the first place. I’m presently filming The Voice Kids 2018 with Will.i.am and Danny Jones and can’t wait for everyone to see this years amazing talent. Make sure you tune in! #teampixie

When does The Voice Kids 2018 start?

The new series will be on for a week in July every night with the live final on the 21st July on ITV.

Do you have any hobbies and how do you find the time to fit these in?

I love eating out, takeaways and watching a movie on the sofa. I also love skiing, yoga, meditation and dancing. I do find it difficult fitting these in and often go long periods without finding any time!

When is new music coming out?

I am writing in LA at the moment and have a new single due out around The Voice Kids this summer. Please follow me on my social media sites and stayed tuned! I will be performing new and old music this summer at quite a few festivals and I hope to see some of you there!

What dreams for the future?

I cannot wait to release my new music – it’s my favourite stuff I’ve ever done! My dream is to get it out to as many people as possible and to release songs in the USA. I want to release more music that helps people and relates to them. I also want to do bigger tours, gain more experience in tv and film and to carry on working with young performers!

Pixie can be seen on ITV every night this week on The Voice Kids 2018 with the live final on the 21st July 


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