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How to help your child ‘revise smarter’ with science-based learning

Exam season is looming! As parents we all want to see our child succeed and often worry about how best to support them as they begin to knuckle down to revision. We’ve partnered with Murray Morrison, former Super Tutor and now the Founder of Tassomai – a super innovate revision app – to arm your child with the best revision and learning techniques out there (check out the special offer for SN members). Plus the all important question – can it replace the need for a tutor?

What is Tassomai?

Named after the Ancient Greek phrase I organise myself, Tassomai is a learning and revision app that uses proven techniques as well its own powerful data and insight to help students prepare for exams in core subjects. Teens aren’t always blessed with the best organisational skills at this point so it’s particularly useful to those in need of a way to help them stay focused and on track. For parents wanting to know how to help, they can work in tandem with the app to help their child target problem areas.

What makes this learning and revision model any different to a hundred others I hear you say? Let us explain…
  • As an ex-tutor Murray has been able to test and refine these techniques over many years with many students, all with very individual needs.
  • What makes the technique successful is simply that it is based on the science of learning, using proven ways to help young people learn.
  • What gives it its edge is that, thanks to Murray’s background as both a professional musician and sportsman, the Tassomai technique is centred around ‘elite performance’ and how the principles of practice, feedback and structure impact learning.

Impressed? Wait until you hear how it works…

The core aim of the app is help break down topics of key subjects like English, Maths and Science into bitesize and digestible chunks. With the use of innovative diagnostic quizzes, the app will quickly identify the gaps in your child’s knowledge, and the algorithm will expand as your child’s knowledge grows. To help them learn, they’ll be given daily quiz questions on topics that need attention, as well as tutorial videos and links to help them learn more about them. Currently, there are over 2 million quiz questions answered every day on the app!

Tassomai uses data in the best way – to paint a very visual representation of their learning journey. As Murray explains, the heaps of data the app generates goes towards putting together your child’s ‘tree of knowledge’, with the trunk representing the core subject, like Maths, and the branches representing each topic. You and your child will then see this tree come to life as they learn more and more.

Other great things the Tassomai app does:
  • Creates knowledge profiles to paint a picture of your child’s understanding
  • With each interaction with your child, it improves its understanding of their needs
  • Celebrates when they have mastered the subject!
  • Offers parents weekly reports to help monitor gaps in knowledge and help them target topics – turning you into an expert coach!
Can the Tassomai app replace the need for a tutor?

Watch the video to hear Murray explain, as an ex-tutor himself, how best to juggle the app and the need for tutors which, let’s face it, can be a very expensive option!

⬇️ Download Tassomai’s FREE GCSE Survival guide, packed full of practical advice for parents ⬇️


Want to give it a go? Tassomai is offering 20% off the first 3 months exclusively for SN members! Click here for more information.


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