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3 reasons why your child might be struggling at school

Is your child finding it difficult to manage the demands of school? Perhaps there are some reading difficulties, dyslexia-like symptoms or they seem easily overwhelmed or anxious? Arabella Thring, Founder of the Neuro Balance Centre, talks to us about how retained reflexes and auditory processing issues could be at the root of the problem, as well as how to address them so that your child can flourish and reach their full potential!

Having to homeschool their child during the pandemic has given many parents a greater understanding of the extent to which their child struggles to learn. They’re intelligent but they are not reaching their full potential. Giving a child longer in exams may be helpful but it isn’t solving the underlying cause. Arabella believes a holistic approach is helpful and finds it useful to see it as putting together pieces of a jigsaw:

First piece of the Jigsaw –  Reflexes

They are the alphabet of movement and contribute to overall development of the mind and the body. They help to wire the brain.  If primitive reflexes from birth are retained it causes developmental delay.

Second piece of the Jigsaw – Hearing profile

How we hear affects our ability to process information, our speech and language and behaviour.

Third piece of the Jigsaw –  Gut Functioning

Poor gut functioning not only means bowel problems but it can also contribute to anxiety, lower immunity and even behavioural issues. The overuse of antibiotics can also weaken the gut microbiome.

What signs should you look out for?
  • Slow to process information
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Difficulty with reading and writing
  • Poor fine motor skills
  • Difficulty winding down at night and falling asleep
  • Sensitivity to sound
  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Struggle with change
  • Poor coordination
  • Poor posture

How can the Neuro Balance Centre help your child?

One of the first casualties of a child with learning differences is often a loss of confidence and a fear of failure, this can sometimes prevent them from trying and so a vicious cycle is set up.

The Neuro Balance Centre helps children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, slow processing and sensory disorders by looking at the whole child, putting together the pieces of the jigsaw. They use therapies that rewire the brain through movement re-patterning and auditory training and improve the gut microbiome, enabling the child to be more balanced and at ease in themselves so that they can flourish and be happier in themselves. What’s even better is that these improvements to learning, behaviour and physical stability are achieved through drug free therapies!

How the Neuro Balance Centre has helped children so far:

“He seems happier in himself. Friendships are easier. “I feel more relaxed inside.”

“His writing is much better as is his ability to get his thoughts down onto paper. He happily writes a page when before he would struggle to write even a paragraph. There used to be a mismatch between how he spoke and wrote but this is no longer the case.”

“Since undergoing treatment at the Neuro Balance Centre life has become much easier for Tom aged 9. He can now sit still and focus for longer at school and his handwriting is much clearer. He even received an award for the improvement! He can cope in loud environments such as swimming pools and fireworks evenings, which were really hard for him previously. He has also learnt to ride a bike, scooter and swim. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Want to learn more about the Neuro Balance Centre and how your child could benefit from these therapies? Visit their website today to find out more.

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