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How to bring your favourite old family photos back to life

Did you know most of our homes have an average of 3000 old photos lying around? 12 in frames, 800 in albums and the rest hidden away in boxes. It’s time to breathe some life back into them and we’ve found a way! Vintage Photo Lab specialises in scanning all of your favourite old photos and digitising them so you can relive all your best moments over the decades.

How does it work?

Your photos will be scanned and made digital so that they’re easily sharable with friends and family, all within a super simple 4-step process:

  1. Place your order – whether it’s loose photos, full albums or undeveloped film
  2. Book a collection – a courier will come and pick them up
  3. Sit tight – after a few days you’ll get an email with link to view and download your scans
  4. Enjoy! – the originals will be couriered back to you within 5 days

Now the fun begins! Upload them on social media, update your profile picture with a cute throwback or print duplicates to make a collage of your younger years or a school day scrapbook!

To make it even easier to share your new digitised versions of old photos, Vintage Photo Lab also provide an option to order extra USBs and CDs in gift boxes so you can give family and friends a truly special treat.

Got more questions on how it all works? See more here.

Will my photos be safe?

Vintage Photo Lab take the utmost care with your order and safety of photos is their number one priority. They are given back to you unfiltered, uncropped and unedited. None of the sparkle will be lost from those amazing 70s outfits, awkward 80s haircuts and jazzy 90s jumpers.

How do I get started?

From a single shoebox to a suitcase or trunk, there’s no need to spend time sorting or tidying because the guys at Vintage Lab are happy to do that for you so it’s not an overwhelming task! The rest is all there in the 4-step process listed above.

Whether you’re sending loose photos, whole albums or even decades-old 35mm slides, you can book a collection date easily to kick start your trip down memory lane.


Want to get started? As an SN Member you can get 20% off! Claim your exclusive offer here and you’ll be smiling and reminiscing in no time!

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