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How cyber savvy are you?

We’ve all heard about the threat of cybercrime and probably wouldn’t imagine it would ever affect us directly, but did you know that your mobile phone and tablet are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks? Whether it be spoofing, smishing or spyware, we should all be on the lookout; especially now we are using our device cameras even more with work Zoom calls and the kids on TikTok. Towergate Insurance explores the most common threats and what we can do to protect our data.


We’ve possibly all signed up to Free Wi-Fi networks in airports and restaurants, but did you know that many of these are unsecured and therefore a prime target for hackers hoping to entice people to connect? Once they are in, hackers can see exactly what you’ve been doing and access a mass of of data including confidential emails and banking details. Given that many of us use the same credentials across lots of services, you can only imagine how easy it is for them to compromise your personal and professional life online.

Solution: Try to avoid unsecured Wi-Fi and never use it to access confidential services, such as banking or credit card information. Always create unique passwords when registering for new access points and do not provide any sensitive personal information.


Have you ever received a text message which appears to come from a reputable company, only to click on it and immediately know that you shouldn’t have? That is smishing and the sender of the text is wanting you to click on dangerous or harmful links.

Solution: Refuse to take the bait and simply don’t respond. Never click on an unsolicited link, particularly if the message has urgent undertones. Remember, your bank or other financial organisations will not send you a message asking you to click on something.


This progamme is cleverly designed to be loaded to your devices without you even knowing.

It can gather information, such as passwords and all your financial information and, because it can’t be detected, it can stay on your system for a considerable amount of time, doing untold damage.

Solution: There are comprehensive antivirus and malware detection programmes that can scan for these programmes and stop them.


Possibly most worrying of all, as this is where a hacker takes control of the camera by disabling the “on” light, meaning the camera is active but you are none the wiser.

Solution: The fewer apps on your phone or tablet the better. Try using platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangout in the browser instead. Also check the permissions in settings to ensure you are happy with what you have granted access to, and regularly check this so you can remove permissions given in the past.

We can help
If you have any questions about cybercrime, incident support and/or cyber insurance call our team on 01438 739 626 or email joanne.taylor@towergate.co.uk


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