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How can you make your child’s university application stand out?

Applications to the most competitive universities and courses have increased significantly this year, with Oxbridge and Medical School applications from UK students up by 14% on last year, and applications from international students up by 20%. These trends are set to continue in next year’s application round.
So how do you get your application to stand out from the crowd?
Independent Thinkers is a team of tutors with many years’ combined experience of successfully guiding students through their applications. Our outstanding record of results includes 100% acceptance rate for Law and Economics at LSE and 100% acceptance rate for Law at Oxford.

“Trusted by top independent schools and colleges to deliver their Oxbridge support.”

Support for those applying this year

For students who have Oxbridge, Imperial and/or Medical School university interviews coming up this month, or have Medicine interviews coming up early next year, Independent Thinkers offers both small-group and individual interview support.

Our interview preparation is academically rigorous: our tutors have taught at Oxbridge, and other top universities, so they know exactly what is required from successful applicants.

We also work with students to build their confidence and help them develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills which they will need to demonstrate to be successful at interview.

Getting ahead for the future

The top UK universities, including Oxbridge, as well as all other the Russell Group institutions, are looking for academic potential, commitment and engagement.

Encouraging your child to work hard at school and do his or her best in school and public exams is important. However, it is also important to encourage your child to read and explore beyond the school curriculum and develop intellectual passions and interests.

For students in Year 9 upwards, Independent Thinkers offers a wide range of online academic enrichment and extension courses, as well as 1:1 mentoring programmes, which introduce students to new subjects, such as PPE, and extend their learning in others, such as Maths and English.

All our tutors are subject specialists. In their online classes, they communicate passion for their subjects, as well as encourage students to think critically and independently about the material under discussion.

Join the virtual Oxbridge club

From January, we are launching our virtual Oxbridge club, with three months free membership available for School Notices members. Membership includes access to webinars, application tips from former Oxbridge tutors, bespoke admissions tests and specialist reading lists. Please sign up for the virtual Oxbridge club HERE



School Notices members can save 15% on all courses and all 1:1 services.  Call 01223 461 822 or email info@independent-thinkers.co.uk and quote SCHOOLNOTICES.
Information on our full range of courses is available here: www.independent-thinkers.co.uk/webinars



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