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Help your child channel some teen angst with a journal this summer

The teenage years are wrought with a lot of self-discovery, big changes and a tide of emotions. It can be a confusing and challenging time, so consider giving your teen (or tween!) the tools they need to understand and process their feelings with a Teen Journal this summer. The third in the HappySelf Journal series, it gives teenagers a safe space in which to explore feelings, track healthy habits and practice gratitude. We learn a little more about how the fantastic Teen Journal came about from The HappySelf Creator, Francesca Geens herself.

Watch the video to hear from Francesca (with a little help from Cassie aged 13) about why the Teen Journal could be ideal for your adolescent child:

Francesca had a light bulb moment in 2017 when she realised she wanted to create a journal that brought together the science of happiness with a few simple habits that would benefit her own children.

Full of daily affirmations and prompts to help them express emotions and practise gratitude, these journals provide an incredibly useful way for parents to have meaningful conversations about wellbeing with their children. HappySelf Journals help build the foundations for good habits and mental health practices that children can take with them into later life.

Sound like something your teenager could benefit from? As a SN Member you can save 15% off any of their journals and start the journey today! Get your exclusive offer here.

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