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Global climate initiative with WWF launched by member schools!

Globeducate, owners of over 50 schools in 10 countries including Stonar School and ICS London, have just announced an exciting global partnership with WWF which will impact on the education of more than 25,000 schoolchildren and their families across the globe.


“We are delighted to be the first international schools’ group to work this closely with WWF. Globeducate schools prepare each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world and we launched our global agenda at the start of this year. With the WWF having played a key role in identifying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, it was a natural partnership for us. WWF will support our schools in sourcing inspirational speakers and our teachers will have access to online training .” Daniel Jones, Chief Education Officer of Globeducate

Their climate initiative will include screenings of the Netflix Our Planet series to all pupils within their schools where they will also run associated educational activities. For example, children will take part in the charity’s Wear it Wild event in June, helping to raise money to protect endangered species. There’s also the opportunity to attend the summit at the WWF-UK Living Planet Centre, have guest speaker events at schools and go on a school trip to the David Attenborough Premiere screening at the Royal Albert Hall.

“The challenges that lie ahead for society as a result of climate change and biodiversity loss are global ones. Connecting students, teachers and educational programmes across borders is therefore a powerful tool in preparing the next generations to tackle these challenges and play a key role in defining a sustainable future. WWF’s partnership with Globeducate schools across nine countries is crucial, allowing us to inspire and engage a global educational community at this pivotal time for our planet.” Matt Larsen-Daw, Our Planet Education Manager at WWF-UK.


About Globeducate

Globeducate is one of the world’s leading premium K12 education organisations, with 55 schools located in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Andorra, Qatar and India.

A fundamental aim of Globeducate is to prepare each student to shape the world and to understand their place in it as a global citizen. Their bespoke gold standard school quality programme ensures that their 25,000 students from age two to 18 have the best start in life.

Globeducate schools evolved from NACE Schools, founded nearly 50 years ago in Spain. The last ten years have seen significant growth in the group’s network and vision. Their global reach enables them to recruit and develop world-class inspiring and committed teachers and to offer unforgettable experiences for pupils and staff through international and regional events.

  • Globeducate and WWF to collaborate in nine countries on the international schools’ group’s Global Agenda for change across 50+ schools.
  • Programme launched in January 2020 in schools in Canada, Europe and Asia.

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