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Give your teen’s skin some gentle care this winter

SKWAD is a capsule collection of gender neutral skincare, designed specifically for young skin. Focusing on easy to use, effective products with sustainability and the environment at the heart of the range across both ingredients and packaging. We find out from Founder Elise Kandrac how it all began…

Elise, a mother of 3 teenagers, saw the overwhelming impact that a bad skin day could have on her children’s confidence and how they would prioritise how they looked over their actual achievements on those days, and it spurred her to take action.

Elise chose to work with an award-winning formulator, whose USP is making results driven, environmentally responsible and marine-safe formulas.  They had a shared vision on the need for a nourishing and protecting range for young skin that would have a minimal impact on the environment. They both strongly felt that it is the responsibility of brands to make the right decisions when it comes to sustainability.  As a result, the ingredients used in both SKWAD formulas and the brand packaging have been extensively considered to ensure that the customer has the best products with the best credentials possible.

All SKWAD’s bespoke formulations are marine-safe, incorporating some of the most innovative ingredients using ground-breaking technology such as upcycled raw ingredients to ensure sustainability. Performance has not been compromised – ingredients focus on helping the skin to retain moisture and protect itself, specifically targeting the problems of teenage skin.

Elise, whilst based in the UK, has strong family connections to Hawaii and its values, which her and her family live by, have strongly influenced the SKWAD brand: Friendliness, love, conscious living, sustainability and confidence.

SKWAD – sustainable, gender neutral skincare for your teen

The range contains 4 quick and easy to use products:

SKWEEZ  – Cleansing Paste: Containing a bio-friendly exfoliant, this face wash cleanser is gentle and effective, whilst also visibly brightening and softening skin.  RRP £16.99 100ml

SKWIRT – Toning Sap: A hydrating, exfoliating toning spray that helps clarify and refresh the appearance of skin. This innovative sap can be used as a toner after cleansing or on its own. Leaves skin balanced. RRP £15.99 100ml

SKWISH – Moisturising Soufflé: An easy to use, fast to absorb, protective moisturiser packed with non-greasy nutritious oils, combined with heavyweight antioxidants that feels as light as a soufflé. Gentle yet effective ingredients protect skin, increase its barrier functions and improve hydration. RRP £19.99 100ml

SKRAPE – Shaving Mask: A revolutionary dual-function mask packed full of vitamin-rich ingredients. It can be used as a shaving cream or a mask. Whichever way it is used, it hydrates and protects skin. RRP £19.99 100ml

SKWAD is pleased offer School Notices subscribers a 20% discount on the purchase of 2 or more products: SKWEEZ Cleansing Paste, SKWIRT Toning Sap, SKWISH Moisturising Soufflé & SKRAPE Shaving Mask (can also be used as a face mask). Please use code SN2021 at checkout.

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