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Give your kids space!

With many of us now working and staying safe at home, we are turning to those home improvement projects, which in normal every-day life, we’ve been putting off for some reason or another! Summer is always a great excuse to re-fresh your interiors, and with schooling and working from home for the foreseeable future, why not put off tomorrow what you can start today! We ask Abigail Rawling from Aspace for their three top tips on creating space and decorating a child’s bedroom.

Children today need spaces that encourage creativity, individuality and learning, but also a place to relax and unwind from their daily activities. Children are highly sensitive to their environment, and so a child’s room should positively impact its little dweller.

When designing a child’s bedroom, it’s important that the child is involved in the decision making, as this gives them control over their own space; a chance to express their personality through colour, pattern and accessories. By having a room of their own, children feel responsible for their space; keeping it clean and tidy, which in turn helps with their self-esteem.

Create space

When thinking about space, think about how the room is used today and how your child will utilise their bedroom as they grow. Consider multi-functional furniture, like a high or mid sleeper, which provides storage underneath, or a single bed with a hidden trundle for when little guests can come to stay.

By adopting these unassuming, yet adaptable storage solutions, you can redeem space for the important things, such as a dedicated study zone, a play corner or reading nook.

Invest in key furniture pieces


A bed, a bedside, a wardrobe, a desk can live in your child’s room until they are ready for university. Choose investment pieces which are timeless in colour and design, so you can work around them for years to come.


Investing in furniture that allows for a blank canvas means that you can play with colour, texture and prints through accessories, adapting to your child’s interests as their taste changes.

The goal of a child’s room shouldn’t be ‘Instagram worthy’; it should be ‘kid-friendly’. This means letting them decide on the colours and patterns for items like duvet sets, rugs, throws, cushions and wall art, so they can accessorise elements to match their individual personalities.

Additionally, while it’s always great to keep clutter to a minimum, allowing your child to choose a few knickknacks for display is a simple and affordable way to allow them to feel involved in the design process. The Milne bookcase is perfect for showcasing your child’s prized possessions with three sturdy shelves.


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Voted Best Children’s Retailer for two consecutive years, and with outstanding ratings for both their products and customer service, Aspace is renowned for designing high quality, long-lasting children’s furniture for sleep, development and play. With more than 20 years of expertise, Aspace pride themselves on creating inspirational children’s bedrooms, with an exclusive furniture collection including multi-functional beds and coordinating furniture with clever storage solutions; designed by their team in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside.

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