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Give your child confidence with a straighter, happier smile

Selfies, celebrities and a constant stream of Instagram stories have left many of our teenagers feeling increasingly insecure about their looks.


New research from leading dentists Total Orthodontics shows that one in seven young people are self-conscious about their teeth.  20% say they are embarrassed about the appearance of their teeth, and 11% state they actively refuse to smile because of how they feel*.


Most worryingly, almost 15% of millennials have actually tried to fix the appearance of their teeth at home!


As parents, we want to do everything we can to help our children feel confident in their own skin, and thankfully Total Orthodontics focus on teeth straightening, and are here to help!


Due to major advances in the dental and orthodontic industry, there are now a wide range of long-term solutions such as fixed braces, invisible and removal braces which are not only beneficial to improving children’s smiles, but can also provide a massive personal confidence boost.


Stephan Nel, Orthodontist from Total Orthodontics said: “One in 10 of us say a smile is the first thing we notice in another person, and time and time again I meet patients who say their confidence is significantly knocked by wonky or gappy teeth – especially in an age where social media is king.


“While it’s never too late to book in an appointment for some braces, addressing alignment in a person’s teenage years is ideal clinically, and means they’ll be happier sooner.


“There’s nothing I love more than seeing a young person beaming at the end of their treatment, leaving my dentist’s chair feeling more confident about not just their teeth and appearance, but also about themselves.”


An attractive smile can end up having a wider impact on our lives, with 37% saying great teeth are important for job interviews.


So, help your children get the best start in life, visit totalorthodonics.co.uk and kick-start your child’s journey to a straighter, happier, smile.


*Research conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Oasis Dental Care. Sample size 2,000 UK adults (July 2016).

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