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Give us a (City) Break!

Georgie Hoffman, a.k.a @fieldandfrolic, mother, blogger and self-proclaimed lover of style, travel, flowers and animals, takes us on her family’s recent city break around Europe.

A friend of mine told me of her incredible adventures travelling with her kids across Europe. So inspired and with the vain hope of stuffing some culture into mine whilst they were still compliant, we began to organise a half term trip. We decided we could comfortably do Amsterdam, Vienna and Venice – three cities in three countries and three great big adventures!

Each of them was totally unique, had lots of history, sights to see, and the fact they were on a relatively straight line and could be linked by an overnight train was an added bonus for our kids, Milo (11) and Minty (9).

The plan was to spend two nights in Amsterdam bicycling around the canals and soaking up the sights, then catching the overnight train to Vienna for a few days of culture and to see the famous Spanish Riding School.

This was followed by another train to Venice for three days of museums, canals and gondola rides. We did it all with enough time to relax and wander.

The kids threw themselves wholeheartedly into every adventure. Minty loved the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and glass blowing on the Venetian island of Murano whilst Milo thought Banksy in Amsterdam and the Guggenheim in Venice were pretty cool. For me, the Lipizzaner stallions performing in Vienna takes some beating. No tired legs either, in Vienna we all buzzed around on electric scooters.

It couldn’t have been more perfect, well apart from the overnight train couchettes which were akin to sleeping on an ironing board in an extremely small cupboard! But with the kids growing up so fast we felt they may not want to go travelling with us in a few year’s time and so it was great to do it whilst we still could.

Milo’s favourite bit of the trip when asked, ‘just being together as family’. That really says it all. Pure heaven.

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