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Bring a burst of colour to a rainy day with a BLUNT umbrella

Do you trust your umbrella to protect you from the wind and rain when you’re standing on the sideline of a school sports pitch? What if we told you that BLUNT has designed a range of umbrellas so strong that they can withstand up to 70mph winds, all while bringing a much needed splash of colour and touch of effortless style to an otherwise grey rainy day?

Umbrellas are often a huge source of frustration as most turn inside out at the slightest hint of wind! However, living in the UK means we can’t really do without them… especially when we’re cheering our children on during a match, dropping off, picking up and generally out and about doing just about everything come rain or shine!

BLUNT has come to the rescue with their range of super strong and stylish umbrellas that have combined clever engineering with gorgeous design to keep you dry and looking good!

BLUNT offers a gorgeous selection of colourful umbrellas that we absolutely love (our favourite is the BLUNT Classic.) It’s not every day we find umbrellas that won’t break after a week and will truly stand the test of time. Most importantly, their beautiful colours and unique design patterns make this a fashion accessory to flaunt out and about.

Intrigued? Learn more about the full BLUNT umbrella range and all the sizes and stunning colours you can choose from:


This one is perfectly compact, convenient and collapsible. It doesn’t take up much space on the street but you’ll still turn heads with those vibrant colours!


Slim and light, this range is great for leaving in the car or when you need quick cover during the school run.

BLUNT Classic

The traditional umbrella re-imagined and our personal favourite! You can’t go wrong with this one.


Broad and elegant, it’s big enough for at least two people (and maybe a few little ones) making it perfect for rainy morning school runs for bigger families.


A keen golfer or seasoned spectator? This is the go-to for those always out in the wild!

BLUNT Branded

Imagine your brand on the canopy of a BLUNT Umbrella. Fully customisable across any of the core range, they can print your School or Company logo. Contact info@bluntumbrellas.co.uk for more information and to discuss corporate ordering.

BLUNT Seasonal

The same compact BLUNT Metro model but featuring pretty bespoke patterns and colours inspired by this season’s favourite looks!

BLUNT Collabs

The BLUNT Metro but adorned with unique designs by artists and brands. An easy and instant way to inject some style into your day to day.

See for yourself…

Hear our in-house fashion expert Melissa Murrell talk about why she personally loves her gorgeous bright pink BLUNT umbrella and watch as she puts it to the test during a typical British downpour. You’ll even get a few glimpses of her gorgeous dog!

For the techy ones out there curious about why BLUNT umbrellas are so strong:

The troublesome parts that needed improving from the traditional umbrella were resolved through the development of the patented BLUNT tip. These tips complete the radial tensioning system by transferring the unique radial force evenly into the canopy. They reinforce the umbrella in a traditional area of weakness by eliminating the point loading at the rib end where umbrellas typically fail. The design means that BLUNT umbrellas perform in all weather conditions – including winds of up to 71mph! They also eliminate the sharp points at the canopy edge which can be hazardous to others!

Your BLUNT is built to last. BLUNT is focused on leading change when it comes to the environment and promote the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. They try to repair products before we replace them, so every BLUNT comes with a two-year global manufacturer’s warranty.

SN members get 10% off their first purchase of a BLUNT umbrella! Get your member reward here. ALSO! Keep your eyes peeled for a fantastic BLUNT umbrella competition coming very soon!

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