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Best TV series to binge during the holidays

For those quieter summer days or evenings when the kids are tucked away in bed, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite TV series that we’re currently hooked on for you to enjoy along with us!

The Split (Season 3)

This was a firm favourite, most of us are up-to-date with the most recent series or are currently engrossed! It’s centred around a family of sisters who are all lawyers. Not only do they navigate divorce cases at work but find that it is creeping into their personal lives as well… and things take a turn for the worse when their estranged father makes a comeback.


We love a psychological thriller so this BBC One drama was right up our street. It’s inspired by real-life events in a post-Brexit Britain about two murders that set off a seriously intense man-hunt!

Conversations with Friends

For lovers of Normal People, this series is by the same creators and inspired by another of Sally Rooney’s fantastic novels. Based in Dublin, two single best friends get entangled with a married couple and begin to weave a dangerous web of infidelity and lies.


Not for the faint of heart! High school football players in the 1990s are flying to Seattle for a national tournament but their plane crashes en route and they are thrown into the Canadian wilderness. The series follows their fight to survive over the next nineteen months as well as their current lives in 2021.

On Netflix

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Season 4)

A great docu-series! If you haven’t been watching so far, you’ve got 4 seasons ready and waiting. A great, fast-paced look into the lives of Formula-1 drivers, managers and those involved behind the scenes.

Man vs Bee

Definitely enjoyable for adults but certainly one you could save to watch with the kids if you wanted to. It’s written by and stars our favourite British icon Rowan Atkinson so it was an immediate hit with the SN Team. The title is self explanatory really! Just lots of silly fun.

The Defeated (also known as Shadowplay)

A gritty, sub-titled drama set in post-war Berlin in the summer of 1946. An American policeman heads to the war-torn city to try and reestablish a police force amidst all the chaos.

Umbrella Academy (Season 3)

Totally hooked on this delicious dark comedy about a group of unorthodox and misunderstood adopted siblings with special powers who reconcile following the death of their father. Just in time to save the world from the impending apocalypse!

Guilty pleasures

Below Deck (Season 7)

Many of us are secretly addicted to this reality series that follows a group of young people, known as yachties, who work aboard massive yachts. They do their best to navigate the demands of their super-rich clients whilst trying to live and work with each other, with both hilarious and dramatic results.

Bling Empire (Season 2)

Super easy watching and just as addictive! This reality show documents the lives of crazy rich Asians living it up in Los Angeles. Loads of glamorous parties and endless drama.

Married at First Sight Australia (Season 9)

A sort of Love Island for grown ups. Total strangers are matched by ‘love experts’ and get married the first time they meet. The series follows their quest to make their unconventional marriages work and naturally, plenty of crazy and shocking moments ensue!


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