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Bee Osborn’s top tips for a stylish Christmas

Time to add some Christmas sparkle to your homes. Bee Osborn our Interiors expert gives us her top five tips to create the perfect atmosphere this year.

Warm everything with lights and candles

Use warm white fairy lights for decorating, they bring softness and warmth to a room. Candles and lanterns also help to make your home feel festive.

Create festive scents

We love real Christmas trees and the smell they bring. But if you can’t have a real tree, you can always light lovely scented candles in your home. The smell of Christmas baking makes a home feel instantly cosier as well (if you don’t like baking, you can always cheat with ready-to-bake or frozen treats). Burning orange peels, having cinnamon sticks out and using dried clementine as decorations are other lovely ways of making your home smell Christmassy.

Decorate your entrance

Decorate your entrance: it’s always nice to decorate the hallways and stair balustrades, to create an immediate feeling of Christmas as you step into the home instead of only containing it to the room with the tree. Use natural foliage where possible. Gather tree branches, holly leaves and pine cones from the garden and woodlands.

Style it Scandi!

We love a Scandinavian style tree, with decorations that have an organic and natural feel to them. Neutral colours, delicate glass and warm wood. But if you prefer a more colourful theme, try to pick a colour palette that compliments your interiors. I’d also recommend picking a theme using two colours to keep it simple. Why not copy the Danish and make homemade decorations with the kids?

Make your own gift wrap

We like to put presents under the tree as soon as it’s brought inside. Making your own gift wrap by using rolls of brown paper, potato stamps of either a Christmas tree or a star used with an ink block can be both cost effective and fun, but it also adds a nice personal touch to a present!


Bee brings a personal approach to each client and over the past two decades has designed a vast array of residential and commercial properties, both in the UK and overseas.  Inchbald trained, Bee and her professional team provide expertise, attention to detail and exceptional creativity to every project they undertake, whether it is a home or a boutique hotel.

Bee draws inspiration from classical design and proportion, but always likes to infuse her work with a modern, up-to-date energy. Together, with her talented team, they produce balanced harmonious interiors that are both practical and visionary.

Studio Osborn 10 Middle Row, Chipping Norton, OX7 5NH.  www.studio-osborn.com


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