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Bee Osborn on making the most of small spaces

All too often we try and cram as much as possible into small living spaces making them appear even more crowded and cramped.

Here our Interiors expert, Bee Osborn gives us her invaluable advice on how to make small spaces appear larger.


“Living in a small cottage I know all about how to make the most of small spaces and here are a few of my tips:”


  • Use similar colours throughout, creating a seamless flow.
  • Calm neutral colours give an illusion of space.
  • Create partial glass walls, maybe in crittal style, to open views but connect spaces.
  • Pocket doors with glass or mirror panels sunk into walls are great space savers.
  • Use curtains to create zones to separate a living room from a bedroom, at night.
  • Suspend floating artwork on curtains when used as demarcations of space.


  • Eek out space in partition walls, between joists, or in stair treads, for hidden cupboards.
  • Hang folding chairs, table, clothes or even bikes on walls as decorative art/storage.
  • Opt for wall lights to free up space on small bedside tables.


  • Make doors as high as possible to create a feeling of space.
  • Build tall bookshelves and don’t forget to use the space above doors too.
  • Take kitchen cabinets up as high as possible for max impact and storage.


  • Choose furniture with multiple uses, ottomans with hidden storage for coffee tables.
  • Put a desk as an end of bed to multi use the space.
  • Pick storage boxes on wheels to slide under skirted sofas, for additional storage.
  • Stools in a sitting room can double up as side tables or extra seating.
  • Pick a small dining table but keep a false top to be added for special occasions. Some dining tables have drawers which can double as a desk too.
  • Wall mounted desks are another option for creating space.
  • Day beds can make beautiful deep sitting areas but double as a spare bed too. Create a little space behind an object and the wall to make the space feel larger.
  • Use mirrors everywhere, including mirror furniture to create a feeling of space!


Bee brings a personal approach to each client and over the past two decades has designed a vast array of residential and commercial properties, both in the UK and overseas.  Inchbald trained, Bee and her professional team provide expertise, attention to detail and exceptional creativity to every project they undertake, whether it is a home or a boutique hotel.

Bee draws inspiration from classical design and proportion, but always likes to infuse her work with a modern, up-to-date energy. Together, with her talented team, they produce balanced harmonious interiors that are both practical and visionary.

Studio Osborn 10 Middle Row, Chipping Norton, OX7 5NH.  www.studio-osborn.com




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