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Become a School Notices Rep!

Why not become a School Notices agent, where you can earn and have total flexibility as to when and where you work …

School Notices is a digital school noticeboard where parents can post FREE notices to buy & sell anything from a second-hand violin to a holiday home abroad.

There are fantastic advertising opportunities both on the site and in our magazine for businesses wishing to target this unique market of like-minded parents. Advertising is sold from £300 – £20,000 pa and every advertiser is able to choose a school to receive 25% of what they spend. So, schools are also benefitting and raising money for their own initiatives.

We have over 5,000 registered members and 105 leading independent schools enrolled, with many more joining each term.

Your Job:

  • Raise awareness of School Notices amongst your fellow parents at school
  • Encourage those parents to register as online members
  • Find parent-owned or local businesses who would like to advertise online and/or in our termly magazine and introduce them to us
  • You may have exclusivity at your chosen school

Your Pay:

  • 10% of revenue on any new advertisers introduced to School Notices.

You can do as much or as little as you would like, with no deadlines, no commitment and no worries over juggling work with your children.

If you are keen to join us and earn some money, whilst also benefitting your school, please email us for more information: info@schoolnotices.co.uk

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