Aysgarth School

Aysgarth is a traditional boys prep school for boys aged 8-13, and a co-ed pre-prep from ages 3-8. It is one of the leading Prep Schools in the country, where ‘boys can be boys’.

As the only all-boys boarding Prep School in the north of Britain, Aysgarth sends more boys to selective schools such as Eton, Harrow, Winchester and Radley than any other school in the north as well as to senior schools nearby.

We aim high! We aim to stretch every boy to make the most of their abilities in small groups, whatever the activity.

Last year’s leavers were offered a record 22 scholarships to schools as geographically diverse as Eton and Harrow in the South and Merchiston Castle in the North. These awards were made across a wide range of disciplines including academic (including a King’s scholarship to Eton), music, sport, art, DT, and all-rounder.

Academics come first and foremost and sport is undoubtedly a strength, but with 75% of the boys playing a musical instrument, 100 boys singing in choirs, a new Art and DT department, and dramatic productions for all year groups, opportunities abound in all aspects of school life.

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