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Are you worried that your child is falling behind?

Teachers everywhere, whether they specialise in primary or secondary school education, can all agree that a computer has been no match for the classroom. The ongoing turbulence in schooling since 2020 has undoubtedly had an impact on students of all ages, with the normal pace of school being irreplicable.

In some cases, children have fallen three months behind their expected level in maths, spelling and reading (Engzell, Frey & Verhagen, 2020). We know that schools are working hard to support pupils and parents, but in the race to return to normal it is important to iron out any learning niggles in the short term.

If you are worried your child has fallen slightly behind, there is no doubt that the right one-to-one teaching will have a positive impact on your child’s attainment.

Simply Learning Tuition specialise in introducing the right tutor for each child, enabling them to reach their potential. Founded in 2009 the company is routinely praised for its highly supportive professional and personal service and is best known for placing private tutors with families in London and around the world. They work collaboratively with parents, pupils, and schools to boost academic progression and confidence. The tutors they represent are highly experienced subject specialists, as well as being great role models and mentors.

Simply Learning Tuition recommends a timely and prepared approach to tuition, focused on specific areas for improvement, rather than cramming in the lessons ahead of an examination.

“Our girls have benefitted enormously; their progress has been phenomenal and their confidence has grown. I will continue to refer anyone who wants excellent tutoring.” Dr S G, London parent of daughters age 6 and 10

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