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April Book Club by Camilla Leask

Camilla Leask, our brilliant Book Club guru, gives us her top picks for April!

Freelance books publicist and mum of two, Camilla has worked predominantly with children’s authors for 14 years. There’s nothing she doesn’t know about books, hot off the press new releases and what our members and their families will enjoy reading.


GREENWICH PARK by Katherine Faulkner (Raven Books, £12.99), publishes on 22nd April

This hotly-contested debut novel from award-winning investigative reporter Katherine Faulkener centres around university sweethearts Helen and Daniel, who seem to have it all. A happy marriage, major renovations to their beautiful townhouse, loving siblings and their first baby on the way.  But cracks in this idyll are inferred from the opening chapter, making the reader question every character, especially when newcomer Rachel bursts onto the scene and unsettles Helen’s life. Deceit and past wrongdoings slowly seep into the story, casting a chilling spotlight on the true nature and motives of Helen’s nearest and dearest.

A meticulously crafted, pacey book with a cast of unlikeable characters, chilling twists and a very satisfying ending.


THE LAST GIRL by Goldy Moldavsky (Electric Monkey, £7.99), publishes on 15th April

New girl Rachel Chavez joins an elite New York High School, hoping to put a past tragedy behind her and make a fresh start. Finding more comfort in horror movies than the bored rich kids at her new school, Rachel finds herself being recruited by the Mary Shelley Club, a mysterious student club that sets up terrifying Fear Tests; elaborate pranks inspired by urban legends and horror movies, designed to terrify targeted victims. Just as she starts to feel at home in this twisted club, a sinister masked figure appears and Rachel realises that her past has caught up with her.  It’s time for the ultimate prank to play out…

Like your favourite teen horror movies in book form, Moldavsky’s latest novel is pacey ‘chiller fiction’, an addictive read for fans of classic slasher movies like ‘Scream’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer.’


CARDBOARD COWBOYS by Brian Conaghan (Bloomsbury, £6.99), publishes on 15th April

Multi-award-winning author Brian Conaghan tells the story of Lenny, an overweight kid who retreats to the banks of the nearby canal when the bullying at school gets too much. When he launches litter into the canal, Lenny is confronted by Bruce, an older man living in a cardboard home. So begins a delightful friendship between two misfits with heavy crosses to bear and a road trip that will allow both to find a form of peace.

This is a big-hearted tale that deftly addresses injustices with Conaghan’s trademark humour and storytelling. Lenny and Bruce’s lively banter is beautifully observed and drives the emotion and tension of their page-turning journey together.




Camilla Leask has worked with literary giants including Waterstone’s Children’s Laureate 2019-2022 Cressida Cowell, the late Michael Bond and Paddington Bear, Enid Blyton Entertainment and the Narnia Estate among many others.

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