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The school gates marketplace is open for business in a way that can directly help your school.

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School Notices is totally free for parents to use and provides school communities with an online noticeboard on which users are able to buy, sell or advertise whatever they choose.

With no management required, schools can harness the growing demand for inter-parent marketing in a way that can directly help their own fundraising efforts. Schools benefit from affiliated business advertising revenue, 25% of which goes directly back to the member school.

An annual fee is taken at the end of the year from funds raised - if no funds are raised, no fee is due:

Number of pupils Price
0-150 pupils £300.00
151-300 pupils £500.00
301-500 pupils £750.00
500+ pupils £950.00

It really couldn't be more simple to start raising funds for your internal school causes!

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Once enrolled your free parent notices will appear in your own school logo branded area of the website, along with the commercial advertising banners posted by your local or parent owned businesses.

To help with marketing we provide you with a launch pack with a letter to parents, branded artwork for calendars and emails in addition to some flyers. An example pack can be seen and downloaded here.

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For further information on how to enrol and start benefitting, please call 01256 223060 or email us at for an information pack.


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